My Profile.

Having worked in the Architectural industry for 20 years I have always had an eye for detail & photography.

An Architectural CAD Technician by trade I have worked in various Architects & Interior Design offices in Brisbane, London & Sydney as well as having the fantastic opportunity to travel to 99 different countries in the world.

Most of the world having been seen through the lens, a great life experience, & has given me the chance to advance my skills in the industry.

Experienced AutoCAD user, CAD & IT Admin Manager has given me years of technical knowledge which I apply to my photography with attention to detail.

Projects that I have photographed range from high end residential, commercial, apartments, hospitality, retail & mixed use.

Some of these projects I have been highly involved with the documentation & construction with the client whom have been impressed with the end results including the photography.

Originally from Adelaide I have been lucky to have traveled most of my life & began photography at a very young age with a Kodak instamatic 126 cartridge format camera, which I still have, which started my passion of being behind the lens.

Times have changed, along with camera technology, but my hobby turned into an obsession that has now become part of my professional life.

I shoot with a Nikon professional cameras & lenses to ensure the best optical quality in my images for my clients.

Now living in Randwick, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, I can't leave home without my camera as I photograph just about everything that moves.

As well as Architectural Photography I enjoy Landscape,Travel & Sports photographing in my spare time.

Semi-professional teacher to keen amateur & intermediate photographers too.

Since 2016 I have now also worked at the Sydney Children's Hospital in Randwick as a Medical Photographer to assist medical professionals to capture images of patients to assist in treatment of all types of different conditions that children have.

This is a thoroughly rewarding position that I have in an environment that can be challenging to provide photographs to various clinics I attend.    

Feel free to get in touch with me on the contact page for more information or to discuss your professional photographic requirements or for any workshop training which I am only too happy to do.

Regards Keith McInnes

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