Workshops - Keith McInnes Photography


Have you just purchased your first Digital SLR?

Would you like to learn how to take control of the camera?

Do you want to take better photographs that will impress?

I have the skills & knowledge in photography to teach you to take your skills to the next level.

Take the camera out of the automatic modes & shift into manual where your camera craft will accelerate beyond what you thought you could do.

Being a Nikon SLR shooter for over 20 years I have made hundreds of mistakes that I can help you to avoid so you can learn faster.

It will only take a few hours to change the way that you photograph forever & your friends or family will notice the difference immediately.

Why not learn to use they camera that you have spend all that money on & take a few lessons to change the way you will see the world From complete beginners to intermediate photographers.

Please contact me to find out what I can teach you & check the social media pages above to find out more.

Keith McInnes Photography

Sydney NSW, Australia.

Phone - (02) 9398 4754

Mobile - 0439 399 542

The fundamentals of photography:

Shutter Speed



White Balance


Focal length

Auto focus

Intermediate classes teach:

Flash fill

Grey card

Exposure Compensation



Point of view

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